Vehicle system examples

Specialist vehicles builders have seen the power of E-Plex by integrating their power and monitoring systems in one easy to use, innovative system. With the ability to easily incorporate the modular system during build, vehicle designers can easily install E-Plex modules using their own staff; and the design of the screens can mirror their brand.


E-Plex digital switching - Sovereign

E-Plex digital switching - Sovereign Interior

A long-standing customer of E-Plex technology, Sovereign have now built over 70 horseboxes using E-Plex digital switching to deliver high-end technology to their discerning customers.

Working alongside Sovereign, Energy Solutions design and configure the E-Plex monitoring and control systems to incorporate new box designs, customer requests and new onboard technology. Every system is semi-custom built to ensure it fits the customer’s requirements exactly. The system is then supplied to Sovereign to install as best suits them within their build program.

Within the horseboxes, the E-Plex system controls the majority of the domestic power requirements via the main control panel, and via the remote iPad control. The control panels have numerous screens, all branded as needed, and allow pre-programming and on-going monitoring of all elements of the system.

E-Plex digital switching - Sovereign bespoke screens

LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles

E-Plex digital switching - LDV Vehicle

E-Plex digital switching - LDV Vehicle

LDV USA manufacture a range of custom command and control vehicles for Police, Fire and Ambulance services. They use E-Plex to provide a flexible, customisable, platform for these systems. Having a Multiplex solution allows them to meet short customer lead times and demanding custom configurations.

E-Plex has also been used on civil applications such as promotional buses, Tool delivery and mobile retail.


E-Plex digital switching - Whittaker

E-Plex digital switching - Whittaker

Energy Solutions have undertaken four E-plex system designs for Whittakers Coachbuilders in Nottinghamshire; builders of luxury, handcrafted horseboxes. The systems were designed to make the onboard interface and experience for owners as streamlined and efficient as possible.

The horsebox systems included a touch screen display and iPad interface, allowing the owners to operate and set controls for underfloor heating, lighting, mood lights, blinds etc, as well as view levels on tank sensors, generators and water pumps all from one point.


E-Plex digital switching - Whittaker bespoke Screens