E-Plex Products

The E-Plex product line is comprised of intuitive user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules, sensors and software.

Electronic control modules (Clock modules)

Electronic Control modules are the heart and brain of the system. They power the Bus network enabling many modules to operate without a separate power supply. They also hold the main program and initiate and control the communication between all the modules.

E-Plex 400ECM

Electronic Control Module

Combines a master programmer and controller functionality with a customizable touch-screen
128KB memory

E-Plex 450ECM

Electronic Control Module

Combines a master programmer and controller functionality with a customizable touch-screen
256KB memory

Display interface modules

E-Plex has a range of display interface modules offering full colour touch screens with multiple pages and connection to the full range of Apple and Android touch screen devices.

E-Plex 801IPLEX

iOS interface

The 801iPlex provides connectivity between an E-Plex system and iOS devices (Apple iPhone and iPad) via Wi-Fi

E-Plex 900HMI

10” Touch Screen Module

Touch screen user interface for monitoring and control can also perform logic programming

Switch interface modules

E-Plex has a range of switch interfaces for users. From simple but flexible rocker switch arrays, through multi touch region backlit touch switches. E-Plex also interfaces to market leading third party products such as EnOcean wireless light switches.

E-Plex 367TPD

Touch Panel Display Module

Resistive touch panel with display (4 digit / 7 segment), with LED’s for status indication and an audible alarm

E-Plex 416TPS

Touch Panel Switch Module

Resistive touch panel, with LED’s for status indication and an audible alarm for switch input verification or alert conditions

E-Plex 428RSP

LED Rocker Switch Panel

Programmable, multi-color LED, rocker switch panel

E-Plex 815ENO

EnOcean Gateway Module

Allows EnOcean energy harvesting switches to be used within an E-Plex system

Digital I/O, DC Power & Motor Modules

E-Plex has a range of DC Power control modules which can be used to integrate switched DC power to external devices and systems, the modules can also be configured to act as digital inputs from external DC systems.

421QIM E

Quad Input Monitor (Emulated)

827OIM with 421QIM emulation will functionally operate the same as the native 421QIM


Octal Input Monitor

Active low digital input module providing eight channels of digital I/O

E-Plex 828BPM

Plug & Play Bilge Control

Independent bilge pump control unit with E-Plex monitoring and control capabilities

E-Plex 821BD

Dual Blocking Diode

Prevent back feed from causing damage whilst still allowing the module to detect if an auxiliary supply is active

E-Plex 425DRM

Dual Reversing Module

DC power distribution module (2 reversible outputs)

E-Plex 805OPM

Octal Power Module

Eight channel DC power distribution module capable of handling loads of up to 15 A per channel or 50 A 

Engine & Equipment Modules

A range of open and dedicated control modules exist covering CAN protocol to communicate with engine controllers and other management systems and a dedicated range of Victron modules to provide a seamless integration of their product line.

E-PLex 816CAN

Generic CAN Interface

Bidirectional communications between E-Plex and a wide variety of CAN networks e.g. CANopen, J1939

E-Plex 218VEI

Victron Energy Interface

Control and monitoring with all Victron Energy’s VE.Bus devices e.g. Multi, Multi Plus & Quattro

E-Plex 218VBM

Victron Battery Monitor

Digital interface linking E-Plex to the precision BMV-60xS and BMV-70x ranges of battery monitors from Victron Energy

Tanks and HVAC Modules

E-Plex provides a range of pressure and resistive tank sender modules to integrate, fuel water and other tanked liquids into the system for monitoring and control, temperature and other environmental sensors are also available.

E-Plex 303TM

Temperature Sensing

Sense temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius and output that data to the E-Plex bus

E-Plex 318PFTG

Pressure Tank Gauge

Module and tank sender for diesel fuel, fresh water, grey water, or black water tanks.

E-Plex 319RSM

Resistive Sensor Monitor

Measure resistances for standard gauges used in tank level monitoring

EP3 Cable System, distribution point and Bridging Modules

E-Plex EP3 ’plug and play’ bus connection system is a durable waterproof cable that’s simple to install requiring no tools, also available is a seven way distribution point module. To bridge between two independent E-Plex systems we supply a bridging module.

E-Plex EP3

EP3 Bus Cable System

E-Plex EP3 ’plug and play’ bus connection system is a durable waterproof cable that’s simple to install requiring no tools

E-Plex 803RDP

Radial Distribution Point

E-Plex ‘plug and play’ EP3 Radial Distribution Point (7-way female adapter

E-Plex 387EBM

E-Plex Bridging Module

Bridge between two independent E-Plex systems, galvanically isolated link, 128 bits of bi-directional transfer

AC Power & Lighting Modules

A range of AC distribution and control modules are available to allow power, monitoring and control of your AC systems and provide integration into E-Plex.

E-Plex 336PFM

Power Frequency Module

Measure AC current up to 100 amps and voltage up to 250V AC and frequency of the AC supply

E-Plex 389DMAC

AC Power Distribution

AC power distribution module (8 DP circuit breakers), intelligent load shedding

E-Plex 439DMAC

AC Power Distribution

110V/220V AC distribution module (8 DP circuit breakers or 16 SP circuit breakers

DC Power & Relay Modules

We also offer a range of Volt free Relay modules for control of clean contact devices and DC power switching, also DC Distribution boards with battery isolation and monitoring.

E-Plex 149CT30

Relay Module

Single 20 amp relay with changover contacts, programmable output that includes logic gates and timers

E-Plex 331BMI

Inductive Battery Monitor

Inductive monitor that senses both current and voltage output, indicates if the battery is charging or discharging

E-Plex 356DRIM

Dual Relay Input Module

Flexible input and output module consisting of 2 x 10A normally open relay outputs and 4 digital inputs

E-Logic Software

E-Logic is a software program used to design, configure, and test E-Plex systems.

E-Plex E-Logic

E-Plex Software

E-Logic Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).