Marine system examples

Modern boats, whether they are production or individual builds need sophisticated power and monitoring solutions in order to integrate onboard systems in a seamless and intuitive way. Boat owners are increasingly looking for stylish, informative, easy to use interfaces that allow them access quickly and easily to all the functionality of their boat.


Numarine - Photo Jeff Brown

Numarine - Photo Jeff Brown

Energy Solutions’, UK E-Plex dealer, have a long standing relationship with Numarine in Turkey and work on electrical systems across a number of vessels in their range.

With the introduction of the XP26 series Numarine once again wanted to use the effective, reliable and flexible E-Plex system they had incorporated into other lines.

Overall, the XP26 E-Plex system provides control and monitoring from one touchscreen panel and an iPad interface, giving mobile as well as static visuals for a wide range of elements from generators to batteries to bilge pumps. The system also includes sophisticated lighting control.  

However, as with all Numarine builds, XP26 owners have the opportunity to submit specific requests at build stage for their interfaces and controls. The E-Plex system allowed Energy Solutions to design and add new modules or adjust specifications, to exactly match owner’s requirements, making each system unique.



Lagoon - Photo Nicolas Claris

Lagoon - Photo Nicolas Claris

E-Plex technology has been integrated into the Lagoon 560 since inception. Each of the luxury catermerans has the multiplexing technology onboard with two panels; one comprising a touch screen interface that integrates with modules throughout the vessel. The multiplexing modules control and monitor the AC circuits on board including the generator, AC Changeover, AC Distribution. The system also controls the DC power including selected lighting, fridges & pumps.

E-Plex technology allows CNB to install sophisticated monitoring and control systems within their build program quickly and easily. Their highly sophisticated assembly line builds much of the boats in modular units. Each unit can be constructed with their own monitoring modules so that at the final stage all modules can be easily connected together.

The helm panels are a bespoke design a collaboration between CNB and Energy Solutions engineering department.