Next-Generation Digital Switching

Digital Switching Systems for Specialist Vehicle Converters and Boat Builders


Bespoke user interface designs  |  Simple two-wire bus  |  Fast implementation

E-Plex Digital Switching Bespoke Screens

Simply Connected

E-Plex offers a simple option to vehicle developers and boat builders looking to reduce the time spent connecting electrical and electronic interfaces, replacing traditional time-consuming wiring with digital switching technology. The networked system transports power and data to every area of the vessel or vehicle – allowing one programmable system to operate everything from lights to air conditioning to generator start-up.

Digital switching technology means the boat or vehicle owners can operate monitoring and control systems simply from one screen, get an overview of system status at any time, and schedule for regular events such as event set up or night mode at the touch of one button – leaving them more time to enjoy their vessel or vehicle.

Bidirectional communication

Apart from direct digital control of E-Plex modules, there are interfaces to other control systems (such as CAN) which allows data from multiple digital controls to be bought together for both control (via the powerful and flexible E-Plex control software) and monitoring.

Modular and scalable

The E-Plex system is completely modular and scalable, so whether it is a small boat looking to put navigation lights, wipers and bilge pumps on the system; or a large support vehicle with a generator through to full hotel amenities on board, the system can accommodate the requirements.

Make it Your Own

We live day to day with technology that we can personalise and make our own, and E-Plex is no exception. Its level of personalisation is one of the elements that make E-Plex unique as a digital switching system. You can bring your own brand or your customer’s imagery to the main screens, and specific monitoring can be grouped and displayed to suit the end-user.

And if owners want to keep an eye on their system from afar, an internet connection will allow them to connect, monitor and even switch off the lights, if they need to, from anywhere in the world.

E-Plex digital switching bespoke graphics

Who’s using E-Plex

E-Plex digital switching systems are well established within the specialist vehicle and marine markets and are perfectly suited to the following applications.

Vehicle applications include command and control vehicles, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, broadcast, community vehicles, medical support vehicles, horseboxes and coaches. Within the marine market E-Plex digital switching systems have been installed on leisure boats, sailing yachts small & large and explorer yachts.

Bring E-Plex next-generation digital switching technology to your next build.

International Support

All updates to the E-Plex system can be done remotely, meaning your users are always up to date, no matter where they are.

With a worldwide dealer network able to design, service and support E-Plex systems, a helping hand is never far away either, giving you and your users the support and confidence wherever they may travel.



System Examples

See system examples from boat builders and specialist vehicle builders.

E-Plex Digital Switching on Numarine Explorer Yacht

Marine System Examples

Modern boats, whether they are production or individual builds need sophisticated power and monitoring solutions in order to integrate onboard systems in a seamless and intuitive way. Boat owners are increasingly looking for stylish, informative, easy to use interfaces that allow them to access quickly and easily all the functionality of their boat.

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E-Plex digital switching technology on Sovereign Horsebox

Vehicle System Examples

Specialist vehicles builders have seen the power of E-Plex by integrating their power and monitoring systems in one easy to use, innovative system. With the ability to easily incorporate the modular system during the build, vehicle designers can easily install E-Plex modules using their own staff; and the design of the screens can mirror their brand and style.

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E-Plex Video

E-Plex - Next Generation Multi-Plexing Technology for Boatbuilders Video


E-Plex Brochure

Overview of E-Plex, including system examples, products and dealer locations.


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