Integration of electrical &
electronic systems

Next-generation multiplexing technology for vehicle developers and boat builders.

Bespoke user interface designs  |  Simple two-wire bus  |  Fast implementation

Who’s using E-Plex

E-Plex is implemented by the world's most innovative vehicle developers and boat builders

What is Multiplexing

​The integration of all electronic systems into a common shell with the ability to distribute the information simultaneously for control and monitoring

E-Plex is the next-generation multiplexing technology for vehicle developers and boat builders.

E-Plex Products

The E-Plex product line is comprised of intuitive user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules, sensors and software.

These components electronically connect engines, generators, tank levels, hydraulics, light, HVAC, security, AV and other equipment. The result is a seamless monitoring and control solution with increased functionality.

E-Plex 400ECM

Electronic Control Module

Combines a master programmer and controller functionality with a customizable touch-screen
128KB memory

E-Plex 805OPM

Octal Power Module

Eight channel DC power distribution module capable of handling loads of up to 15 A per channel or 50 A 

E-Plex 815ENO

EnOcean Gateway Module

Allows EnOcean energy harvesting switches to be used within an E-Plex system

E-Plex 900HMI

10” Touch Screen Module

Touch screen user interface for monitoring and control can also perform logic programming

Simplified control and monitoring

E-Plex allows completely bespoke user interface designs. You have total freedom to use corporate colours, logos and graphics.

E-Plex works with iOS & Android compatible devices as well as E-Plex bespoke PC based touch screens.

Simple two wire bus

Powered by a patented multiplexing technology that allows power and data to be transported over a simple, two-wire bus, E-Plex offers a scalable and flexible solution. 

E-Plex EP3 ’plug and play’ bus connection system is a durable waterproof cable that’s simple to install requiring no tools.

E-Logic Software

E-Logic is a software program used to design, configure, and test E-Plex systems.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).

Fast implementation

With distinct advantages in hardware, software and user interfaces, E-Plex enables simple and cost-effective system integration.

E-Plex offers a total system solution that can be brought to market very quickly offering unmatched value.

Bring E-Plex next-generation multiplexing technology to your next build.

System Examples

See system examples from boat builders and specialist vehicle builders.

Marine System Examples

Modern boats, whether they are production or individual builds need sophisticated power and monitoring solutions in order to integrate onboard systems in a seamless and intuitive way. Boat owners are increasingly looking for stylish, informative, easy to use interfaces that allow them access quickly and easily all the functionality of their boat.

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Vehicle System Examples

Specialist vehicles builders have seen the power of E-Plex by integrating their power and monitoring systems in one easy to use, innovative system. With the ability to easily incorporate the modular system during build, vehicle designers can easily install E-Plex modules using their own staff; and the design of the screens can mirror their brand and style.

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E-Plex Video

E-Plex - Next Generation Multi-Plexing Technology for Boatbuilders Video


E-Plex Brochure

Overview of E-Plex, including system examples, products and dealer locations.


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Status Update 23rd March 2020

posted on: Mar 23 2020 in: E-Plex news,

Following government guidelines, we are where possible working from our homes. We are still able to support you during this time but please use the telephone numbers below to contact us

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Julian Potter Joins E-Plex as Head of Sales

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in: E-Plex news,

Julian Potter has joined E-Plex, the leading brand of multiplexing technology for vehicle developers and boat builders.

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Product Updates

posted on: Dec 23 2019 in: E-Plex news,

New 8 way input module (827OIM) and release for updated version of 421QIM input module.

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